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Kickstarter de Mutant Crawl Classics RPG (MCC RPG)

Y hablando del DCC esta en pleno proceso de mezenazgo el Mutant Crawl Classics un juego que intenta emular las partidas locas post-apocalipticas de los años 80 usando el sistema del Dungeon Crawl Classics. El juego pinta interesante, los gastos de envio no son elevados y ya se han conseguido unos cuanbtos objetivos interesantes. Aqui os dejo la presentación:

Tu no eres un Zero. Eres un vagabundo del erial: un mutante, un buscador, un robot asesino, un chamán estoico que conserva antiguas ciencias olvidadas. Que busca el triunfo y la tecnología, ganando con las mutaciones y la magia, empapado en la radiación y los enfrentandote a los mutantes, a los salvajes, a los semi-sentientes y a las inteligencias artificiales. Hay tesoros que se pueden ganar en las tierras tabú y en las ruinas, y tu quieres obtenerlas..

Vuelve a los días de gloria de la ciencia ficción con el juego Mutant Crawl Classics rpg. Vive aventuras como si fuera 1978 otra vez, pero con las normas modernas basadas en los orígenes de los juegos de rol post-apocalíptico. Juego rápido, un futuro misterioso, 100% de compatibilidad con el sistema del juego de rol DCC te esperan - Se acaba de activar su artefacto ...

Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC RPG) es un ambientación independiente que aplica las normas de DCC RPG a un entorno post-apocalíptico. Te va a encantar MCC si te gusta Gamma World, Metamorfosis Alpha, o el propio DCC. Ademas no es necesario tener el  DCC para jugar al MCC.

MCC icon art by Stefan Poag
MCC icon art by Stefan Poag

What is Mutant Crawl Classics?

MCC RPG is both a supplement to Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG as well as a complete game in its own right. You can use these rules to run your own post apocalyptic role playing game, or simply as a way to spice up your existing DCC RPG campaign with the addition of mutants, artificial intelligences, and futuristic technology. These rules are designed to be 100% compatible with the DCC RPG rulebook, and characters and monsters from either system should mesh seamlessly into your campaign with little or no adjudication required.
Who created it? MCC is written by Jim Wampler. Jim is a longtime veteran of the RPG industry - you can read his complete bio below!
What is the format? MCC will be published as a hardcover book, 8.5”x11” trim size, with a color cover and B/W interior pages. We anticipate it being approximately 160-180 pages long. It will be chock full of outstanding original art, in the same style as DCC RPG.
Show me what it looks like. Certainly! MCC RPG has been in the works for years, and Goodman Games has published several previews of MCC RPG. Here are some for you to check out:

The Setting: Terra A.D.
The characters in the Mutant Crawl Classics RPG live in a primitive world dominated by the bizarre side-effects of an ancient holocaust known only as the Great Disaster. Millennia after this cataclysmic extinction event, the world — now known as Terra A.D. (After Disaster) — has regrown into a lush tropical wilderness. The lifeforms that survive and flourish in Terra A.D. did so because natural selection rewarded their ancestors for possessing either very plastic or very hardy genomes. Plants and animals with wild and unstable mutations permeate the ecosystem and the food chain. Though some species have settled down into relatively stable body plans and are capable of reproducing true to form, there is still the chance in any given birth of a new mutation arising.
Of these mutations, the advent of intelligence and sentience are by far the most pervasive. Never before in the history of the world has it been home to so many competing sentient species. Many animal and plant species now possess rudimentary reasoning abilities, and more than a few walk upright, communicate with each other, and make use of tools. These sentient species are collectively known as Manimals and Plantients.
What few members of mankind that survived the Great Disaster meanwhile descended into barbarism and savagery, and eventually split into two separate species: Pure Strain Humans and Mutants. Rather than surviving the Great Disaster by virtue of constantly mutating genetics, the genome of Pure Strain Humans became hardened against radiation and other mutagenic environmental effects, leaving them an especially hardy and intelligent race. The Mutant species of mankind meanwhile evolved along an opposite path, never breeding true to form even within small tribal gene pools. A mutant is always born with at least one notable cosmetic mutation, and upon reaching post-adolescence, mutants will typically manifest a diverse set of unpredictable additional mutations, making them among the most bizarre and horrific of all Terra A.D. creatures.
No existing sentient species or culture on Terra A.D. has managed to rise above the Neolithic stage of civilization. Stone tools and a tribal hunter-gatherer society dominate, with even rudimentary agriculture being a very rare occurrence. Metallurgy and writing are unknown to most sentients.
The Ancient Ones
It is generally accepted among the denizens of Terra A.D. that there once existed a legendary race of an unknown type that ruled and ordered the world with an arcane force known as technology. While nearly every sentient species makes an apocryphal claim to be directly descendant of these protean techno-wizards of millennia past, the evidence for their existence is inarguable. Though long since passed out of all memory, the imperishable artifacts and ruined haunts of the Ancient Ones were manufactured of such incomprehensibly durable substances and with such super scientific knowledge as to be virtually immune to the ravages of passing centuries. Many such devices and places may yet be discovered relatively intact by those brave enough to plumb the taboo lands of Terra A.D.

The Characters: Class Options
It is the goal of every youngling to return from the Rite of Passage (MCC’s character funnel) with a potent enough artifact to be promoted to a Seeker Team. Seekers are those elite tribesmen whose job it is to go out into the wilderness, ruins, and taboo lands seeking ever-greater artifacts of the ancients for the benefit of themselves and their kinsmen.
Each genotype in MCC RPG has its own unique abilities and powers. Pure Strain Humans have Darwinian Luck and four classes from which to choose. Mutants, Manimals, and Plantients possess bizarre physical and mental mutations and individual race-as-class powers. Here’s a quick breakdown of the MCC RPG classes:
  • Sentinel (Pure Strain Human): A hardened warrior with an artifact bonus die for weapons and armor.
  • Shaman (Pure Strain Human): A worshipper of a Patron Artificial Intelligence, granted the ability to run wetware programs that alter the laws of physics. 
  • Healer (Pure Strain Human): A tribal healer with expert knowledge in naturopathy healing techniques and able to get superior results from the medical artifacts of the ancients.
  • Rover (Pure Strain Human): A tribal scout with a knack for disappearing and then turning up on the other side of computer-locked doors and ancient security systems.
  • Mutant: A tribesman with mutations and an appearance so shocking to others he often acts first in battle.
  • Manimal: A sentient bipedal animal with mutations and an ability to attack at advantage in large packs.
  • Plantients: A sentient bipedal plant with mutations and the ability to influence the luck of others via fragrances, pollens, and pheromones.

Mutations in MCC RPG each have a table of possible effects, from complete failure and the possibility of gaining a defect, to mighty mutational effects that can alter the very landscape. Mutations come in two types — passive and active. Passive mutations are permanent effects like armor, extra limbs, or enhanced stats. The effects for passive mutations are only rolled once per level. Active mutations are at-will powers, and their efficacy is rolled with each use. 

Lost Super Science
The lost super science of the Ancient Ones is centuries in advance of anything that we have today. While many of the familiar tropes of post apocalyptic gaming are present in MCC RPG — like power armor, robots, and particle beam weapons — it’s always with a Vancian super science spin. Even a simple dazer pistol may come with its own AI and semi-sentient personality. 
Patron AIs
Existing far above the level of mere robots, androids, and holograms are the Patron AIs. These godlike artificial intelligences may be ancient global satellite systems, military guidance computers, or even rogue quantum field AIs living in the EM field of the planet. But they all share one thing in common — a world-dominating agenda and the willingness to grant mortals great power if they are served faithfully.

Foes and Danger
Not since the Cambrian Explosion has the planet seen such a wild evolutionary radiation of mutations and bizarre lifeforms. If these were the only dangers permeating Terra A.D., they would be an abundance. But the world is also home to wounded lands soaked in radiation, volcanic crater countries, and the ruins of a civilization so powerful its technology functions yet, often in dangerous and unpredictable ways. Though long since perished, the Ancient Ones are also survived by the mightiest of their creations, the rogue chunks of “smart metal” that still roam the dark corners of the world. These robots and androids are animated by inexhaustible power sources, sometimes corrupted CPUs, and insanely murderous artificial intelligences. Taking back this world and re-building civilization may be the grand goals of the tribal elders, but most days you and your Seeker team are focused on just living to see tomorrow. 
Plus All The Usual DCC Goodness
The Mutant Crawl Classics RPG is written to be 100% compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. Character and setting transfers are seamlessly accomplished, and genre-mashing ability is built in — all using the same streamlined d20 system you know and love. If you’ve played DCC RPG before, you already know how MCC RPG works. If you’re new to the DCC RPG system, you’re in for a treat. Spells and mutations results are accomplished with the roll of a d20 and reference to an expansive results tables. D20 combat is simultaneously simplified and enhanced. Instead of an endless list of modifiers, increases and decreases in attack ability are accomplished simply by moving the roll up and down the dice chain (d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24, and d30). The DCC RPG system may seem at first glance to be a “swingy” combat system, but the Luck mechanic and spellburn/glowburn mitigate this tendency and balance the game beautifully!
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Stretch Goals

Goodman Games intends to support MCC with a solid range of adventure modules, just as we have with DCC. And this Kickstarter will provide the start of that support! We have established our initial stretch goals as follows. These may be adjusted based on customer feedback during the Kickstarter:
  • At $25,000: Funded! A level 1 MCC adventure module! Free in PDF form to backers. 
  • At $35,000: Funded! The second MCC adventure module! This one for level 2 characters. Free in PDF form to backers.
  • At $45,000: Funded! The Mutant Manual, a collection of new mutations. Estimated at approximately 16 pages. Free in PDF form to backers.
  • At $55,000: Funded! The third MCC adventure module! This one for level 3 characters. Free in PDF form to backers.
  • At $65,000: Funded! And the fourth MCC adventure module! This one for level 4 characters. Free in PDF form to backers.
  • At $75,000: Funded! The AI Addendum! A collection of new patron AI's. Estimated at approximately 16 pages. Free in PDF form to backers.
  • At $87,000: A fifth adventure module. Free in PDF form for backers. This will likely beBlessings of the Vile Brotherhood, a level 4 adventure. Check out the posted adventure path for more details!
  • At $100,000: The sixth adventure module. Free in PDF form backers. This will likely be The Apocalypse Ark, a level 5 adventure. Check out the posted adventure path for more details!
  • At $115,000: The seventh adventure module. Free in PDF form to backers. This will likely be the 0-level funnel tournament, Reliquary of the Ancient Ones. Check out the posted adventure path for more details
  • At $135,000: The Data Orb, in PDF form. Huh? The data orb? What's that? It's an exciting MCC supplement with assistance from a veteran designer - look for more info on this soon!
  • At $160,000: A character sheet pad. Printed, included with the hardcover. 
  • At $180,000: A custom-printed shipping carton. 
And what's above that? We have a lot of ideas - more to come as the Kickstarter progresses!

About the Author

Jim Wampler has been playing role-playing games since everything was just plain “D&D” and campaigns were refereed with a mis-matched stack of books and pamphlets. Jim’s earliest published art and articles appeared in Tim Kask’s Adventure Gaming magazine and Judges Guild Pegasus magazine. In 2005, Jim founded Mudpuppy Games and published James M. Ward’s Metamorphosis Alpha 4th edition.
Jim Wampler is the creator of the Marvin the Mage gaming comic, and has contributed cover art and comics for the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine. Jim is currently a writer, editor, and occasional art director and layout monkey for Goodman Games. In addition to the forthcoming Mutant Crawl Classics RPG, Jim has written several Metamorphosis Alpha adventures and two sequel adventures for the DCC RPG Purple Planet series for Goodman Games. As overlord of the Dungeon Crawl Cabal, Jim has also overseen a secret cabal of talented writers and artists who have created three DCC RPG tournament funnels for use by the Goodman Games Road Crew.
Jim lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where he stays up on cutting-edge AI research so that he can be the first in line to have his consciousness uploaded to the singularity.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling is assessed at a flat $10 for the US and $20 internationally. Additional copies of the hardcover are +$5 for either US or international destinations. 

Riesgos y desafíos

Goodman Games has a good track record of delivering Kickstarter products to satisfied backers. The biggest risk we foresee is delays associated with achieving stretch goals, since our Kickstarters tend to achieve a lot of stretch goals and that sometimes delays the main deliverable. Therefore, we are focusing the stretch goals on projects which do not affect the timing of the main deliverable.

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