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Campaña de Kickstarter de DCC LANKHMAR

Quedan 13 días para el final de la campaña de financiación del setting del DCC que va a estar ambientado en Lankhmar y ahora que ya están cerca de acercarse a la 5º recompensa (110.000,00 $) es un buen momento para recomendarlo a todo el mundo.  En mi caso tengo que admitir que ardo en deseos de conseguirlo tanto porque me encanta el DCC, tanto por el sistema de juego como por esa locura "pulp" que impregna el juego, en plan "espadas contra robots voladores controlados por entidades tentaculares venidas de otra dimensión" y un poco por afán coleccionista ya que ya tengo bastante material de todo lo que había publicado TSR para el AD&D y también todo lo que ha publicado por ahora HT para el Salvaje Lankhamr. Y es que la obra de Fritz Leiber me tiene cautivado desde hace años cuando leí las novelas por primera vez y una de mis ilusiones es organizar una buena campaña ambientada en el mundo de Nehwon.

Aquí os dejo las palabras de Micharel Curtis donde nos explica porque el Dungeon Crawl Classics y porque gastarse la pasta en esta caja:

Why DCC and Lankhmar?

DCC RPG is a perfect fit for Leiber’s world and the stories that chronicle it, perhaps more so than any other role-playing game to date. DCC RPG was specifically designed to go back to the classic sword & sorcery stories of Appendix N, the stories that inspired the original fantasy role-playing game, and provide judges and players with the means to replicate the feel of those tales for their own enjoyment. One could say that Leiber and Lankhmar are in the very DNA of DCC RPG, a crucial part of making the game what it is.
Now, thanks to a partnership with the estate of Fritz Leiber, DCC Lankhmar presents the fans of DCC RPG with new role-playing material that comes directly from the tales of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Herein are new lands to explore, new monsters to battle, unique spells to uncover, and a bevy of optional rules to make your DCC RPG game better reflect the adventures that fill Fritz Leiber’s fiction.
All of us at Goodman Games are delighted by the opportunity to play with Leiber’s most famous creation. His work casts a long shadow over the role-playing game hobby, influencing and informing some of the universal components of the pastime. Every shadowy thieves’ guild, every teeming city filled with fog and danger, every scroll-reading rogue and slyly intelligent wererat skulking through the underworld owes a debt of gratitude to Fritz Leiber. It is safe to say that almost all fantasy cities in RPGs are muddied reflections of Lankhmar, whether or not we recognize it on a conscious level. Everyone involved in the DCC Lankhmar line is thrilled to be able to play in Lankhmar and to figuratively walk its foggy streets after dark. After playing in the shade of the grand city for so long, it is an honor to lay our hands on the very object that has thrown that long and influential shadow.
While the DCC Lankhmar set contains all the basics a judge requires to get his Nehwon-based game running, it is far from a complete compilation of all things Lankhmar! Leiber penned more than forty Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories, novellas, and novels in his lifetime, incrementally adding to the world of Nehwon. Consider this set a mere aperitif, a sip of a fine vintage to wet your lips before consuming more. Each subsequent release in the DCC Lankhmar line will further explore Nehwon, allowing you to build your campaign piece-by-piece, much as Leiber did his stories. We hope you’ll continue this journey of exploration with us and to further range across the world of Nehwon and delve into the twisting streets of the City of the Black Toga through the lens of DCC Lankhmar!

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Art by Doug Kovacs.
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Art by Doug Kovacs.

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